Empowering Kwamaiko Single Mothers!

The Kwamaiko women Self Help Group

The KSHG-group was founded to Support Single Women in and around Kwamaiko Village. The Group intoduces Small-Scale Women Projects to help Single Mothers generate income through small Scale Farming .We work with Experienced Farmers around the region to educate girls, empower women and transform communities . The role of active participation of women in development and the benefit that accrues to them, as a result; for instance, high income, better conditions at workplaces and their involvement in decision-making have documented over the years. Education is central to enabling women and girls to achieve these goals.    Kwamaiko is a small village which is 36 km from Nairobi (Capital City of Kenya) with a population of around 20,000. It is one of the smallest Villages in Kenya, Special features in the village Kwamaiko are that it is sparsely Populated, with afew shopping opportunities. There are still many Traditional   “Barter Markets” there, which means that a lot of food is sold or exchanged  with one another. Due to few jobs, which in turn leads to great poverty, many have moved to the big Cities to get better jobs or better their living standards. As a result, there were many people in the Capital and fewer people in the Village, which lead to big disputes within Families. There are a large number of Single Mothers who have separated from their Husbands due to violence or who have been Widowed due to Illness. Many of them live in extreme Poverty as sole providers. The KSHG group was founded to support Single Women in and around the Village of Kwamaiko.  Income opportunities in permanent employment or even odd Jobs are hardly available for these Women. Due to the lack of Financial Resources from their parents, not all Women in the Group have a good Education. The costs of daily Necessities, Rent, Schoolfees (including School Uniforms, Books) can often not be raised and thus the Children are also caught in a Spiral of Poverty.

Our Projects

Agricultural Projects

The Kenyan Economy has continually projected a downward curve in the recent years with the Kenyan shilling continually weakening against the global currencies. This has adversely been felt across all economic blocks with the rural areas mostly affected.


The pig revolving project

The Project is to ensure that Women are trained in Livestock management , Animal husbandry, Animal Bio Safety and Pig Reproduction. They will also receive Business Development , training that includes Marketing and Bookkeeping


Tree Planting

The current global environmental status is in a depressing state, with the heightened pollution, deforestation and degradation of our natural sources of life; there is a looming critical environmental crisis, which will threaten especially the agricultural sector and in return increase food insecurity.

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