Pig Revolving Project

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Steve Thangwa

The Project is to ensure that Women are trained in Livestock management , Animal husbandry, Animal Bio Safety and Pig Reproduction . They will also recieve Business Development , training that includes Marketing and Bookkeeping Pig farming is one of the lucrative livestock businesses in the world. It is a profitable business because the cost of production is low compared to other major livestock farming businesses. Pigs are very easy to manage, requires less capital to start up, and they are prolific in giving birth to offspring. We have started this project with a single woman as a pilot project. The content is pig breeding, she learns handling, keeping and feeding in order to build her own small micro pig farm. She is trained, supported and educated by experienced farmers and entrepreneurs in the village of Kwamaiko. Through an internship at a farm that already practices pig breeding and permanent training, the woman should gain security and knowledge for her own pig husbandry. This project aims to ensure that women are trained in animal husbandry, animal care and pig reproduction. She will go through a business development program that includes marketing programs and accounting. Once the preparations have been completed, it is planned that the woman will have 5 pigs of different ages. That’s why she gets pigs of different ages so that she learns how to deal with each age group properly. Because the goal is that the pigs get piglets to build up the frame. A boar is hired to look after the pig ladies. If this is successful, the pigs will usually give birth to 8-10 piglets after about 114 days. Until then, the single mother has the task of keeping and caring for the pigs appropriately. After farrowing, the sow is ready to be covered again 5 to 10 days later. If you have your own boar, it is possible without any problems for it to cover the sow again naturally. The veterinarian checks the piglets and sows to check their health. After about 3-4 months, the piglets can be separated from the mother. Two of the piglets will be returned to the organization so that more women can join the breed. The others stay with the woman and are now supposed to finance their livelihood by either using the piglets for further breeding or slaughtering them. The young boars that are not used for further breeding are castrated early so that they can be slaughtered later. The micro-loan that the woman received at the beginning of the project now has to be repaid to the organization in a fixed amount every month. This organization’s income is reinvested in the next woman. The single mother continues to be supported and monitored through regular visits.    

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Photos – Pig Farming

Photos – Pig Farming