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Steve Thangwa

The Kenyan Economy has continually projected a downward curve in the recent years with the Kenyan shilling continually weakening against the global currencies. This has adversely been felt across all economic blocks with the rural areas mostly affected.This has further been worsened with the emergence of the Covid-19 Pandemic which has torn through small scale economic units and caused loss of employment and business in equal scale. The current systems have failed to address the situation and shelve the small scale earners with alternative means of livelihood. The mostly affected have been single mothers and the elderly, who have been left with little or no income and without sustainable means of survival, with this reality, we are likely to have a vicious cycle of poverty if not addressed. Further with the effects of global climate change, food production has been threatened, and adversely affected. Low income farmers in the rural areas who are mostly women, have been caught amidst the struggle to change to modern practices that are way expensive for them and crop farming that could mitigate their financial strife.