Tree Planting

The current global environmental status is in a depressing state, with the heightened pollution, deforestation and degradation of our natural sources of life; there is a looming critical environmental crisis, which will threaten especially the agricultural sector and in return increase food insecurity.

The Kenya’s forest cover has declined from 30% of land area from 1960s to less than 2% at present. Many factors have contributed to this, including but not limited to: illegal logging to meet huge demands for fuel, wood, charcoal, carving, in addition to clearing of land for human settlement and agriculture.

To achieve sustainable supply of tree products and services in Kwamaiko, a huge nummber trees should be planted annually .The greatest strength of this project is that the idea is noble and people are aware of the climatic challenges we are facing and are ready to help or support.

The rural support groups for both women and youth can be engaged especially in fruit tree planting; fruit trees take advantage of mother nature’s natural resources system and deliver shade, soil conditioning, food for humans and our animals.

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