Open Air Market

Beforer the Market was Built

New  open Air Market for Kwamaiko Women



Thank our Sponsors.!  We have managed to Build a variety of Open Air Markets. The Women can do their Business under Shelter. 

Peri-urban food trading ’ preferences for open-air market design and management attributes in Kwamaiko. Open-air markets are a popular market channel for most Agri-food products in developing countries. In the peri-urban areas of Kenya, these are the most convenient sources of fresh fruits and vegetables for many households. This type of market is often preferred because of its convenience, competitive prices and a variety of products and plays a role in ensuring food availability and accessibility. Open-air markets are also instrumental in incubating new businesses, facilitating the expansion of existing business and promoting income earning opportunities .Through Sponsoring, We have managed to Build Two Market Benches/ Areas for Fresh vegetables and Fruits. The Aim is to create more job Opportunities for the Women Locally . its also our Goal is that Women around Kwamaiko region can sell their Vegetables Under Schelter.

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